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Women's Ministry

Women's Vision

Women are the lifeblood of any Organisation and it’s no different at Family Rescue International Ministries. We have been truly blessed with an amazing exuberant team of God-Fearing women! Without fail, they take the initiative and demonstrate the capacity to work as true teammates and this strengthens the effort of the men and makes it more effective.
At Family Rescue, our women are full of Zeal as it was in the days of old. We have a female Pastor that’s truly anointed, we have a doctor that’s truly gifted, and we have a minister that’s truly dedicated. God in his infinite wisdom knew exactly why he took a rib from man and formed a woman. Partnership it is! Or as someone said “Teamwork makes the dream work.”
In today’s world, women are increasingly outdoing the men, and it’s evident in the Church too. Women are running the homes, the schools, the businesses etc… This brings me to a famous lady in the New Testament named Dorcas. She was very instrumental in the Church and her community. A kind, loving, hardworking and well respected leader in the community of Joppa. However, it so happened that she fell ill and died shortly thereafter. There was a big memorial and mourning by all those in the community at her passing. When Peter was sent for, he quickly recognised what had happened and so through the power of the Holy Spirit, she was brought back to life. This miracle obviously brought joy and celebration from everyone, and this miracle was noised abroad in Joppa.
Every man would agree that there are some things that only a woman can do. Even if it’s been done by a man, it seems so different when that same thing is being done by a woman. This is just how God has designed it, one can only simply agree. Physically, as the help meet for man, a woman completes the man. Likewise, on a spiritual level, the woman behind a successful man, authenticates this in the heavens.

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